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Hi Scott,
I charge at a really low temp over the weekend. maybe 1920 or so. My burner is really under powered so heat recovery takes a while. Down to the mid 1800's after a few scoops each time. I have it full by Sunday night and leave it at a setting that will slowly climb up to 2000 by Monday morning and then I heat it up to 2175 (over 5 hours or so) and cook it for 3 hours at that temperature. My turndown is also a really slow curve due to the heat recuperation. I haven't carefully tracked it but it seems to be staying above 2100 for a couple more hours at least. So, the furnace is hot for a long time. Eventually squeezing just below 1900 by mid day Monday. Work at 1900 to 1950. I make a lot of murrini pieces gathering over very soft colors so I want it cold. I have a 2nd small furnace (hub mu800) with 2.0 cullet or color that I use on Mondays and charge it while blowing glasma or if it is not on, I can just make cane stuff or I work in my machine shop.
Btw, I am getting 3 years out of a crucible. About 150 lb pot.
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