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Indeed I have no rescue classes in my plans today. I don't find clear to be very hard. My costs on making it are higher than the ones Jordan cites but not all clears use the same stuff. I did lay out some very straight ahead 96 clears for Henry in Glassnotes IV but now the book itself has gotten quite pricey and it's not to say that I haven't moved to new places in the last ten years. 3K may be about right for the cap outlay, I suspect a bit less. Under a dollar a lb for clear is doable. Wire melters are not a good place to start.

Spruce Pine mixes my formula for me now- nice to the old man. I may go back to doing it myself but materials in rural areas is now an issue. I think the thing that discourages me the most in todays glass community is how frail the response is to being self starters. Dust, poisons, it can all be dealt with easily. At one time, we were adventurers, not so much now.

As Henry said "Glass is fragile". That's true. It's not guaranteed either.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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