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I still have one of denvers early gas fired units it's great for a color melter and doubles as a small glory.

If you call Denver Holly answers the phone. They have kept that ship a float a really long time and have my respect. I really like the annealers they build and the furnaces have sliding doors with a believe pneumatics now as standard issue. I built a small hybrid furnace for melting color cullet and use Denver elements. I easily get over a year of continuous use out of it without a problem. If you know the limits of the materials your working with and stay within those parameters you should never have any reason to complain.

Electro glass wasn't all bad. I understood the logic was sound but didn't care for the engineering. Moving far away from those spiral sic elements I build my first sic melter. Solid elements passing through the furnace still allowed hot swapping. Running two banks of elements allowed the furnace to limp and not crash if a element died. A door at the rear of the furnace to replace the free standing pot.

We all do our part to move forward the engineering and building of the equipment we use as time moves on. I'm working to build my first moly furnace this summer. I'll know this build will rely on Steve Staddleman's original design and those that worked to improve it. In so many ways we have the ones that came before us to thank but in reality we all play our part.
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