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Originally Posted by Dave Hilty View Post
Pete, I'm surprised at you. Since it's copywritten don't you think we should ask Henry's permission to copy before assuming its ok?
It's a quandry . Henry has expressed no interest in another printing. He refers to the book in the video on the history of glass saying virtually non one builds their own tooling, or batches anymore .When he approached me a few years back for an update, I told him that most of the suppliers had gone out of business making it hard to do it. I think he considered it as an E book but did not go that far.

As long as he still had copies for sale, I referred them to Henry when asked. We rarely speak. He does still have all the PDF's I presume. When I asked permission to print the stuff I put in there, he said it was my material and belonged to me.
It might be the case that if it sold for 200 dollars a copy, he would indeed reprint it. I don't see that happening either.
It's kind of an interesting concept since in the artworld, there has always been a move to compensate the artist if a sale is secondary. I would think a resale of a book might be considered that way, but then again, I haven't seen anyone pushing that kind of proposal lately.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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