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GLASMA higher barium glasses will indeed throw stones in an alumina pot if you get too hot, little tiny round ones which I suspect were fine tabular alumina. You were running a big pot as I recall. What I think occurred there wa the china clay binder dissolved and let the alumina around it loose.

We don't recommend using our pots for pyrex at all but people still buy them. I've kind of given up on saying they won't work well, but they don't. Northstar uses a 40lb pot from EC for their boro melts and they go through tons of pots. The hard part about the boro melting guys is they say they're melting batch and they aren't. They melt cullet and it's really seedy. They just crush the snot out of it. They have done some remarkable stuff with coloring it and I would not have thought it to have gone so well, but, there you are.

The only pots I can see for boro would be AZS and that comes with major thermal shock issues. The only group I know of doing AZS is Minteq and they don't really make pots. Most of the people who melt boro are happy with 12 melts.
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