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Originally Posted by Bob Meyer View Post
I wonder if the environment is different here - I just run into more torch guys all the time, and only 1 that I can think of that's not in it anymore. Overall, I'm sure many have left - there's an awful lot of those guys, since it has a somewhat low barrier to entry, and being able to do it right in your house if you're so inclined. There's plenty of competition right in the US.

I'm not sure the guys I mention are even top-tier guys. Listening to the boro guys around here, there are bigger names elsewhere. The guys I mention are just local guys that have been able to do well through a lot of hard work.

But there seems to be a lot going on in boro - with furnaces and glory holes, as has been mentioned, continual advancements in colors, new torch styles, etc. A kiln-maker in the area has seen a sharp increase in orders the last couple years - almost all for boro. It's not just that there are top-tier guys making big bucks, but that there's a lot of innovation going on. Along with that, the legalization of marijuana has increased demand of paraphernalia exponentially.

I'm not sure that whether it's art or not is really answerable, though of course that won't keep most people from having an opinion. I don't think it can be argued, though, that it can be viewed as significant.
Many more have left in the last few years then have survived chinese production. All you have to do is look in the right places and you will see huge numbers of Lathes, torches, etc. for sale. Most functional glass folks operate completely under the radar.
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