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Cutting the wire is easier when hot than cold. Cold, it's really brittle. If someone can help you, have them heat the wire while you hold both ends with needlenose pliers. Holding both ends is important so you don't stress the unheated part of the wire cuz if you do, it will break and then you will have to fix that too. Holding one end, that part in the groove, heat the portion you wish to pull away and just do it gently and it will come. Make it fairly straight. Then do the other section. With both hot, twist them together. It's really easy once you figure it out. While it's hot, try to make the wire stay in a straight line so it will be easier to re-install.

I did my entire annealer with old element scraps back in the summer. I just didn't have the money for new ones. I had literally twenty pieces of wire all broken up. I heated and connected every one of them, made three separate complete elements and they are all working just fine. I have just been reconnecting this stuff for years. I have a big box of element scrap.
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