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Where, When and Who?

Harvey? not a chance. Dan should remember Barber was doing work with batch at Madison when we were there. Just got off the phone with Fritz and he believes it was probably Chihuly in about 67-68 that brought back color bars from Germany. Fritz knew about COE in 65 in Iowa and then when he got to Madison did work there with Barber on making glasses using The Schole's book Modern Glass Practice as the bible along with Weyl's book. Barber was the real whiz with the glass calculation though. He, Barber may have been doing glass calc. prior to 65 but we have no way of knowing as he's dropped off the face of the earth. Barber was doing his batching in 68 when I was there. So there really is no definitive answer to your question. A bottle of single malt might help me in doing more research though.

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