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Robert Held made clear reference to C.O.E. in the '67 NCECA papers he did on phosphate opals. Dudley Gibberson was also referring to it in 67. I do think Fritz was Dudleys source and inspiration.. Paul Manners did his Custom Made to Fit article for Al Lewis's old magazine but it was always referred to as Linear expansion Co-efficient (L.E.C.) which is much more correct. It also appears in Morey and Scholes as Henry suggested. Dan was the first I recall making the suggestion that viscosity was explaining a lot about fit although Nick Labino was totally tuned into it from the getgo. I wish I still did single malts.

Dale did not bring kugler in until '73 actually and talked Benheim into handling it. Then Littleton got it and started selling it and Benheim returned it all in disgust. I first saw it when John Bingham was carrying it around in a mailing tube he brought from Orrefors. John had been a student at Goddard with Billy Happel and had spent a summer at Orrefors. That was in 1971, considerably earlier than Dale's effort to supply the RISD Students. If you'll remember RISD had that catalog with the melt samples and the barrels of SODA and LIME on the cover. That was '73.

No one actively talked about C.O.E. then. It was like this magic Isotoner stuff where "One size fits all"....except for the bright Reds and yellows, and all of those awful hotdog colors which fit nothing.
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