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The imperfection of memory

First of all it's Bendheim non Benheim. Kugler bars came here before Loo ever started importing. The only way you could get it was to order directly. You had to go to the Customs office and pick it up. If the person in customs didn't like you for some reason they made you pay 7% duty if you didn't look like a hippy you could just sign for it.
Durk, that batch that Erwin melted at Harvey's was a black and a white. Erwin made the most fantastic pieces of German expressionistic glass I ever saw. As I recall the glass was very and I mean very soft but for a reason, it all devitrified into a slimmy mass. David Hopper worked with Erwin in Germany and did make some fantastic work. I remember his white scultural pieces very much influenced by Erwin. In my estimation Erwin was a very important figure in the American glass studio movement and is not given enough credit. I will be in Penland this summer and if HKL is up to it I will go and pay him a visit and of course try and jog his memory of that time. Of course TL can do that now if cares to.
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