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Lani McGregor
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Hey, the dog's running off with my thread ...

What I’m still digging for - more even than the origin of Kugler importation - is where specifically in time COE/LEC came into the studio glass vocabulary as a term synonymous with compatibility.

Were the early Kugler bars referred to by a specific LEC? Were they marketed that way by C&R Loo et al?

When Hugh mentions knowing about fit and expansion, how was that measured? Theoretically, by calculation? Measured with a dilatometer? Or a number provided by a manufacturer? Were the early clear studio batches designed to fit Kugler? If so, how was that fit measured?

Was SPB the first commercially available batch in the US studio glass scene? What was it designed to fit? How was the "fit" measured?

In Europe what had Kugler been designed to fit?

To my knowledge, the American factories (Fenton etc) never used color bars, but melted their own color. How did/do they measure the fit/mismatch of their color?

Anyone know the date/issue of the Manners article in what Pete calls “Al Lewis’s old magazine” – was that “Studio”?

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