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I love this kind of thread.... I heard that Spruce was formulated to fit K61(white), is that true? As I'm reading this I'm thinking we're missing the boat by not having an organized oral history of the studio movement early days while we still can. Since we have the attention of a lot of smart folks here online we should put together a set interview questions and interviewees.
Some of the people who were instrumental were not book writers so their footprints will fade as the people who walked by, and directly behind them die off. One of the neat things about the internet is that there is a reader of this board within 100 miles of almost every major glass figure I can think of (which is not that many as I an new to this and don't know who did what 20 years ago hence the need for something like this(for me at least)) I would be willing to travel in the wintertime to work on something like this and I'd imagine that there are others who would like to get in on the fun....I'd love to have an excuse to talk to some of these folks....

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