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Durk Valkema
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Harvey and Erwin played around with the black and white while Erwin was there autumn '67. I distinctly remember clear glass in Harvey's shop spring '68, I will check.
Most factories' in Europe melted there own colours and made bars on the side for own use (at Orrefors Sven Palquist 'Colora" series in fuga technique 1953, and Gunnar Cyrén "Pop" goblets from 1966) but used Kugler, Zimmerman and others as well and simply adjusted the clear base to fit. Leerdam used to make bars for there own use. Donated the remaining 3-ton of it to the school later on.
I will check my father's notes to find out more and talk with the Leerdam chemist. The big change in Leerdam came after the war when the tableware production was automated and crystal production reduced. They did have a small test/colour furnace in the back of the crystal furnace though. This is where my father experimented with his students of the glass school (1943-52) and where he learned glass blowing himself.
As to compatibility, the early morning test was the thread pull, followed by the cylinder cut and tested after it annealed on the belt for 3 hours. For precise dating I will have to do some research.
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