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HKL won't get back from Florida for at least a couple more days. He's had a fun winter trying to rebuild his apt and gallery that the hurricanes blew away but now my mom wants to get back to NC. Soo.. It'll be a little while fore I can ask him anything.

As for the original formulations of the labino formula othewise known as sp batch, and again this is as I remember, Nick gave us the original formula as a "chemical" formula and not a list of materials. We had to convert it to a list of materials and we had our first test melt run at Penland. Bill Worchester was there at the time and It did not melt well. We got a different mesh silica and added the Lithium at Labino's suggestion. With those changes, we ended up with the formula now known as the 92. The 92 turned out to be less than Ideal. Sooo.. The expansion was lowered and I always thought we had tried to match the Kugler 61 as it was the most popular color. However, I was not the one that was actually doing the work. This new batch formula had a theoretical expansion of 87 so that is what we called it.
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