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Glassblowers really get instant gratification and when things don't fit, usually you know pretty quickly. In that capacity, I don't think that Dan's observations about viscosity being the flip side of the coin will ever gain much traction.
Pete, as a flameworker who is accustomed to much more instant gratification than even glassblowers get I want to respectfully disagree here. I am *very* interested in this thread and am following it closely. There have been issues with borosilicate glass fits that justify the validity of viscosity as a factor in fit, even in low-expansion borosilicate glass. For instance, there is an opal green that is notorious for crackling when incased. But the measured LEC is dead-on that of clear boro glass. Why doesn't it fit? The only answer, and what I have been telling students for years myself, has to be variations in the viscosity curve of each glass.

Fascinating discussion folks. Please continue...
Robert Mickelsen
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