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It struck me a long time ago that a foolproof safety system restart would involve two burners. The first is presumably on a blower gas line combo which runs normally when the power is on and has a solenoid valve which is open when the power is supplied to it.

There would be a second burner which would be venturi and would be controlled by a normally closed solenoid that would only open if the power failed. It would be a fairly small venturi but sufficient enough in size to keep the furnace hot in a failure for a long time. It would fundamentally take the place of the "Crash Cart" burner a number of people use.

The only thing more reliable that I can see is using a Venturi with a BASO valve but Venturis are typically more expensive to run continuously . I run a variant of this described setup now and it takes a power failure longer than one hour to make the system shut down. When it shuts down, it turns the whole mess off. It does not shut down in an intermittent power outage. It just restarts.
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