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Originally Posted by Dennis Hetland View Post
This appears to be a 4to1/2to1 step down transformer. You're not showing the entire nameplate There's more info on it, like the KVA.
I can't be 1000% positive, but I'm assuming this is rated for 480v on the primary. If you have a 240v service going to your primary and you wire X1 to X3 and X2 to X4 you should get 60v out of your secondary.
The 1 through 6 on the primary are taps for adjusting to high or low voltage coming from your service. Like if you're supposed to have a 480v service, but you're actually getting 500v you can tap it so your secondary is putting out the proper voltage. You could play with those taps to get slightly more or less than 60 volts. If you wanted to for some reason.
You should post another picture that shows the entire nameplate.
Dennis thatís it for the photos, but is the bottom line a transformer that puts out 60 volt from a 200 amp single phase service? Is this what I ask for at the sales counter?

> this deal has 6 molly tubes, 240 single phase power <
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