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No. The transformer, assuming it is the correct unit would have an input of 480V. That would break it down to two 240V taps and a 120V tap, plus the correcting taps. You however are going to run 240V in to the thing and it can't perceive the difference between 480 and 240, so it is going to give you two 120V taps and a sixty volt tap instead. You are looking for the sixty.

So you are looking conventionally for a 50KVA transformer 480 volt input with three taps for 240 and 120 secondary outputs. It may have adjusting taps as well.

Or you can custom order a transformer with 240 volt input and 36 volt secondary output through either me or a local supplier, I don't know what your deal is there. I use the 36 volt in my furnace. That works out to two banks of three elements at 12V if wired in series.
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