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Thanks again Pete.

Pottery supply silica is exactly what I'm using here and the glass is gorgeous. As for freight for Franklin (Freight for Franklin, sounds like a great name for a kids book, no?)I guess Florida is about as close to Trinidad as we're going to get in the continental USA.

22 cents a pound for the silica 325 mesh, Axner pottery supply, at ...

I'm sure they're used to shipping to the Caribbean. They are extremely nice at Axner and may be able to get you other things you need if you ask.

All the other chemicals were right around 20-5 cents a pound in bulk, with the exception of the potassium chemicals, which were 73-5 cents a pound. Those came from Brenntag, a major chemical supplier.

I'm using an incredibly nasty fireclay crucible for the experimental melts. This thing has so much iron in the clay that there are BIG rust spots inside. The glass off the top shows perfectly clear on the cross section of a cut cane, and that is very rare not to see green or grey (from decolorizers) on the end of a cane. Glasma is the only other glass I've ever seen this clean. Once you get down in the pot a bit the green begins. Still not too bad, considering the crucible is as nasty as it is.

Another BIG plus for this glass is minimal toxic stuff. The tiny amount of antimony is the only nasty thing in it.

I'm really liking the concept of being able to batch it up and adjust the COE right here at the house. No calls to make, no freight to pay and no waiting and wondering.

The more I play with it the more I like the way it works, and the way it melted was even easier than cullet in my opinion. I've never had a glass squeeze so easily, and I'm using a tall, narrow pot so the bubs have way further to go to get to the top.
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