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Originally posted by Bob Boyd
This has been a great thread for even the newest of newbies. Makes me wanna go batch some glass. I particulary liked the discussion about cost and COE adjustments.

Pete you said this would make an excellent color base. Can I ask what chemicals/materials and quantities would be added to yield different colors?

Bob Boyd
That is a loaded question. I am writing a book on it and teach a class in it once a year. I think that if you refer to "Glassnotes" you will find rudimentary coloring stuff. There are also tons of things in these archives that I have written from time to time and you should start there. Dave is also right that Scholes has some good basics as does "A textbook of Glass Technology" by Hodkin and Cousen from back around 1915. I may give a very short course at the conference, and I may not since I anticipate being a little harried.

And this is not meant to put you off, I just don't like glossing over stuff so I don't want to write a treatise right now. I will however sell you one when I finish it.

As to Daves questions, move the sand, you have tons to work with. Moving the alkaline stuff frequently causes cords and that is one very cord free batch. And yes it has occurred to me that this thread will move to classics. It's nice to be back on the subject of glass.

Is Scholes really out of print again?
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