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I too have a first edition and it is chock full of that sort of stuff. My copy of Tooley, which is an absolutely worthless book called "Handbook of glass manufacture" reveals such secrets as "Remmy " Brick which was a 95% Alumina brick AP Green made in the sixties and seventies was named after the AP Green president George Remmy from the 1950's. I assume that most people know that "Mizzou" is slang for Missouri, or the university. I see it mispelled all the time. Kast-o-lite is probably a lighthouse on the Mississippi or a cave in the Ozarks. I am off to Oxaca for a week to see my daughter who is in school there, so don't start any political conversations that get Bob all worked up.

One last thought. When you mix a batch, always always always stick a 3x5 card in the actual batch can or bag saying what it is. It's amazing how fast you can get them mixed up, like 45 minutes.
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