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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
David would have us walk into the studio and make expensive shit based on assumptions of how he got there. I do react to that arrogance periodically if called "save" the field.
No arrogance intended. I'm baffled with what I wrote that even hinted at that.

As far as mixing batch vs. cullet:
People who make clothing today aren't expected or disrespected if they don't grow the cotton, harvest it, spin it into thread, dye it, etc before they make fabric and then clothes. The craft evolved and there's a vibrant market for the raw fabric. There's nothing wrong with buying fabric by the yard to make your clothes.

People who paint aren't expected to chisel the mineral oxides out of the ground, grind and mix them to create pigments and formulate paints before they make a painting. The craft evolved and there's a vast market for different types of paint. There's nothing wrong with buying tubes of paint to make your paintings

People who carve wood aren't expected to cut down the trees....well, hopefully you get my point.

The fact that the studio glass market has a demand for cullet indicates that it's become mature enough that we don't all need or want to mix raw materials or even dump bags of batch into our furnaces to make glass. The studio I work out of wants to take the safest and simplest route to make glass--even if it costs more because there are other ways they need to deploy their limited resources. (The techs are super busy fixing all manner of stuff that breaks and the additional safety requirements and time involved with mixing batch--or even melting SP batch is something they decided isn't the best use of limited space or resources). Just like there's nothing wrong with using bolts of fabric, paint out of a tube or buying wood in boards, cullet is a way to get to making glass faster. Of course we know SP or Jim at East Bay (12 miles away) could mix us whatever we want, but that doesn't work for this organization. And that's where I blow glass, so thus...

If I had my own shop, I might have an exhaust hood fan that would pull your t-shirt off and I'd melt SP batch by the ton. Or I might pay twice as much to have cullet that I paid 2X as much for that I could toss in at 6pm and have excellent glass first thing the next morning. Either approach is legit--it's all about how you want to spend your $ and time. I work out of a public access shop so I don't even have the choice. That's not arrogant--it's pragmatic.
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