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Indeed. I think you can find lidded containers at Amazon at the least. You know where to get the silica. I was always impressed when we did haz mat stuff in Santa Fe how effective the silica was. Sometimes it took other approaches- sulfuric acid spills and we would make gypsum using calcium carbonate. Having the labs up on the hill and having the big trucks of acids coming through on the interstate every monday morning at 3;00 am kept us tuned in. That, giant containers of liquid oxygen, always mondays. Mayberry it wasn't. The only sustained incident was closing the interstate a few times for gas trucks overturning and contaminating the shit out of everything. That we had to excavate for what seemed like forever.

What is disconcerting to me here is how cans rust out. I have stuff that would never have changed in NM but here? aerosols seem the worst and that includes insecticides, paint cans, really corrosive.
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