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Cristalica, SPectrum, blah blah blah

I pulled the initial thread on this which essentially announced that Olympic is going to be carrying Cristalica. The question was, and is, what is the story then on Spectrum.
The last question was a request comparing the many cullets out there today which was off track but I'm OK with it.
It seems I may know more than what should be common street knowledge on this so I'll just sit back.
I do think that you will see serious significant price increases on cullet in general anywhere it's being made in the next six months. Think $1.75 lb or so, before shipping. Harvey was right when he said it can be a secondary product but not a primary product. It starts to make SP87 batch look really good but it's a killer for weekend wire melting warriors. I'll keep making my own. Enjoy the kool aide to come.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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