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Originally Posted by Richard Huntrods View Post
Why? SP87 batch is great in wire melters as long as you don't overthink things and get silly. I mean, 8hr cook times? Seriously?

(I do seem to recall someone once mentioning that number for their cook times at 2250F, but I could be wrong as I'm getting old).

Mind you, given the way folks overthink cullet (again with the 2250?), SP87 is really no more difficult. The bonus is that it's pretty easy on pots and refractories, is the "elephant in the room" for handling and such, and is a really good deal.

I also have to say that I do love your glass formulation. It was just as easy to cook, and produced a glass that was just as easy to use and work, but the big benefit was a final glass that was much more brilliant in the finished work. Thank you again for letting me test it.
That was me with the 2250 cook. I used to charge on a Friday and let it sit all weekend and had perfect glass on Monday. Now I am busier and need to blow the day after I charge, so I cook at 2300 and fine at 2325 for 2 hours & squeeze at 1900.

I never drank the Cullet koolade... batch works just fine for me.
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