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Originally Posted by Art Freas View Post
Late in the day so excuse any math errors.

IF I pay 1.75 per pound for cullet, I get pretty much a pound of glass. IF I get about .8 pounds of glass with batch I need 1.25 pounds of batch to get a pound of glass. That means if I pay more than 1.4 per pound for batch cullet is more affordable, less than 1.4, batch is more affordable. I will be interesting to see the relative prices for cullet vs. batch going forward.
I simply don't see the price increasing all that much on batch. I do see it in cullet. The Germans are subsidized and that can't last. I have trouble believing Spectrum has a realistic future. I don't think Olympic would want Cristalica
because they want to offer clients a choice.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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