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Dan Vanantwerp
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Ahh yes...sounded too simple when I wrote it down. The color base and fluorine...still, it might be less impact-full to the elements in my small color pots. I guess I will have to give it a try sometime to really find out. Gases do like to rise (especially hot ones) and I would hope they continue to do so right up and out of my crucibles.

The recent upgrades to my furnace included a 2" thick or so kastolite-30 "gasket" that forms a collar around the crucibles. Looks like an outline of Mickey Mouse: two small crucible holes and one large one. It doesn't seal the crucible contents from the inner element volume, but does a fair job to discourage transfer at least. Mark's original design used 1" fiberboard but I found it did not hold up very well.

My bad if it goes awry. Then, let the four worst words when used in combination be spoken "I told you so".
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