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Originally Posted by Dan Vanantwerp View Post
...It doesn't seal the crucible contents from the inner element volume, but does a fair job to discourage transfer at least. Mark's original design used 1" fiberboard but I found it did not hold up very well.
I used cement to coat the lip around the crucible, going back about 1in all around. I'm still on my original fibreboard.

I also coated the bricks in both lids, and that's kept them in pretty decent shape. With cement coating, minor drips don't bore holes in the K23.

Using K23 in these furnaces is the trade-off of durability vs. insulation. There's no free lunch, but coating the bricks does help. I'm on my second maintenance lid (only replaced a few bricks) and my third gathering port lid.

I also cut back the opening in the maintenance lid (the big one with the gathering hole) and created a 45deg gathering port using rammable. The bonus about using rammable is that it's as close to impervious to molten glass damage as anything you might use. Mine is 10 years and going strong. I just can't do that total vertical gather thing.
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