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Dan Vanantwerp
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Hi Richard, By cement coating, are you talking ITC-100? I sprayed my interior with it and even the elements as some pottery boards were saying it helped. I had a container of it so what the heck. I'm starting to wonder if Pete is right though and the stuff is like refractory snake oil. I will we ever know if it helps unless we run similar furnaces side by side with and without? one is going to do that and in lies the magic, I fear.

Anyway, for this furnace, I got away from the pure Lauckner design and just recycled a kiln. Why?...Speed mostly. I had a show coming up and needed to get some blowing done. But also because Mark's grooved bricks are really a pain...having to perform a re-stack every time you replace elements is just unnecessary. Kilns are made to replace elements easily...more or less. Mark Jessen at Duralite even stepped up the elements to 11 gauge with a geometry that still fit the grooves. Amazingly they came out almost at a perfect length...just a little stretch required.

However, I used Mark's lid design to isolate the crucibles from the interior. My first fiberboard lid became a twisted mess...probably due to the additional area of a relatively large kiln and the extra hole for a color pot. When I added a second color pot, I decided the lid was going to need some reinforcements. I've kept my gathering ports all vertical and glad I did as the chalcedony gathers great this way. Cool thing about a used comes with 2 pre-assembled brick maintenance lids (lid and floor of the kiln). I just cut out the crucible holes and done.

So, now I have a kastolite replacement of the fiberboard lid and a recycled kiln lid for the gathering port/maintenance lid. My actual lids over the crucibles are brick also made in Mark's design with angle iron frame, sheet metal and hose clamp tension. So far so good.
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