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Originally Posted by Dan Vanantwerp View Post
Hi Richard, By cement coating, are you talking ITC-100?
Don't know what that is. I used the same cement I used to build the lids. It's called "Super Titebond", and is a grey cement (Mark used some black stuff in his video). I dilute it about 2-1 until it's a runny slurry and paint it on. Several coats.

Anyway, for this furnace, I got away from the pure Lauckner design and just recycled a kiln. Why?...Speed mostly. I had a show coming up and needed to get some blowing done. But also because Mark's grooved bricks are really a pain...having to perform a re-stack every time you replace elements is just unnecessary. Kilns are made to replace elements easily...more or less. Mark Jessen at Duralite even stepped up the elements to 11 gauge with a geometry that still fit the grooves. Amazingly they came out almost at a perfect length...just a little stretch required.
<sigh> I'm on my second set of elements since 2003. The first set died when my first glass pot overflowed (filled too full) and killed elements and bricks. I had to rebuild.

I never used the 8ga 'garage door spring' elements Mark used because I could not get them, so a local (to Calgary) guy came over and we designed 12ga elements to give 2000W in the 1 cu. ft. space. That meant 8 grooves overall.

I used a router on a plywood table (homebuilt) with a 1/2in dovetail bit to make the grooves. They are still in perfect condition the last time I checked (less than a year ago when I built the new small lid). Wash the elements with acetone, handle with cotton gloves when installing. Same set since 2004. Many, many hundreds of hours on them now.
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