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Actually, he's quite real and it's not BS. Ever been to Calgary in July and Aug.. ( hint it can be brutally hot)

I have clients who go through big pots like it was melting ice and I have clients who use exactly the same pots and are really careful in how they bring stuff up, how they load and I don't hear from them nearly as much.
Now it might be an irritant to you that Richard succeeds at this point but he has been getting great service and keeps on plugging at it. These days I no long have a big system and use small pots. After a bit over a year they are showing slight wear and they are always running.
If someone offers something up, don't let your nose get out of joint over it. Get more curious. I would never handle a kanthal element without gloves and I clean mine too. I would tend to use an SCR with it as well. It's worth noting that richard isn't trying to sell you anything and won't let you come and drive his MBG either. He has nothing to gain from exaggeration. I actually have elements in one kiln that have been in there since 1998. It's not a hi fire unit but twenty years is a long time.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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