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Dan Vanantwerp
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Sorry Richard. Pete makes very good points. The "<sigh>" seemed to come out of nowhere and just felt a little arrogant to me. I've always enjoyed your posts and your thoughtful approach to glass.

I would just warn people like me when I started over 10 years ago that elements typically last a year when run in a glass furnace. It's an important design consideration. Keep an extra set on hand (as well as a crucible)! Don't count on them to last a decade.

If you have built a Lauckner furnace, as I have, the brick design is fine for holding elements but bad for replacing them. My next furnace was purchased from Glass Hive and they used more of a kiln style element groove that spiraled around the crucible. When my elements went bad, I replaced them pretty easily. I hated their lid design though...nothing but 6" thick fiberfrax. Eventually a pot cracked and the whole thing was more or less ruined.

So back to my own devices and a kiln style, supped up a bit. I don't expect super element longevity but I can replace them when they eventually wear out.

My Lauckner furnace never got the chance to fail. A fire in my shop took care of that. Do everything you can to avoid that hell. It is devastating. Funny thing about glass equipment in a almost survives but not quite.
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