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Ron Vandervlugt
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Stadelman controller settings watlow 981

I am desperate for help. When getting close to high temperature Set Point, the transformer loudly surges in rythm to the HT and LT Scr's flicking from one to ther other. Power Controller output surges from 85% to 96% while at 33 Amps. I think the problem is in the ramp contoller Series 981 Settings. Can anyone help with Ramp Controller SETTINGS ....for the System and Pid operations. If you contact me directly I will forward a list of my settings, hopefully you will see a discrepency with yours if its running sweet.
The other possibility is the settings in the Power Controller are wrong.
You're probably wondering why the original settings could have been altered.
Well we lost power at the top end of a melt because the transformer in the power controller went. We now have new one. While diagnosing the power controller problem, settings were possibly altered by the diagnostic technicians.
I tracked down Steve S. but he couldn't find the settings??
Hoping someone with a 300# Stadelman Electric can give me some help, unfortunately I am isolated downunder in New Zealand.... Cheers for your time.
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