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Originally Posted by Lawrence Duckworth View Post
Larry-I'd love to know how you guys make those galaxy marbles.. You have some gorgeous stuff on your web page ..nice pumpkins too! I like a twist in my pumpkin stems. I work alone so my knockoff pedestal is basically an elevated Lazy Susan...I just give everything a quick spin before clipping the stem. I'd add that tid-bit to the Craft Web "How to make a Pumpkin Sticky" category but there just isn't one go fig'r

I've been playing around with boro for a few weeks now trying the pin implosion and flower implosion. the two flowers I made look like crap but I'm getting somewhere now with the pin deal.

Hope you get some feedback on the fuming...I can't help..good luck!
I can help you out with this. Basic flower implosions are fairly easy. Mine are the result of almost 6 years of experimentation with these materials. I use only 24k gold and fine silver for the fuming work and the planets are gilson opal spheres.

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