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Originally Posted by Sky Campbell View Post
Old German flameworker in disney's Epcot would argue that. He works with 96 glass that is pulled tubes from Germany. He can get some really beautiful effects with silver on some of his colors and has a nice amber effect on clear. I suspect it has more to do with oxidizers in our base glass that makes it difficult or impossible. He is currently doing my home town art show and was looking at his work yesterday. Large flameworked vessels from (his words)96 soda lime. Very finished eloquent work.

I have experimented with silver nitrate and found it works better on some glass bodies better then others. I can see how a neutral clear would have a hard time taking a silver fume but I would think many of the colors we use would fume nicely.

A little side note

This would be my 20th year of doing Gainesville art show. I decided to sit this one out. My son is doing the show with jewlery made from Gainesville's famous graffiti wall. Faceted paint chips. I'm not thrilled about the mess in the cold shop but he is doing well. Started yesterday with 200 pairs of earrings and rushed home last night to clear coat the rest of what he had faceted worried about selling out. I'm very proud and happy to be on the sideline. He is 15 now and will have enough money from this show to buy his first street legal vehicle.
Is he on social media? I would love to see his jewelry.
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