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Stadelman Furnace refurbish

I have been operating my 300# Stadelman furnace for a little over nine years and it is time for a rebuild. I would like to replace the door arch and all the fibre insulation. We are using Gaffer batch which has eaten the door arch to the point where it needs replacing. This is not a criticism of the batch we are using, at around 400 charges the furnace has held up really well. Will it be possible to cast another door arch and replace the existing one ? The next door I cast will have as big a vent as I can put in it to alleviate future problems. I am hoping to remove the existing arch somehow and replace it. I( have replaced the crucible a couple of times and put in new roof insulation but I have never looked at the insulation in the walls. Is the insulation within the walls blanket or bulk fibre?What should I cast a new door arch with? I have cast new doors from time to time using the same refractory that i used for my glory hole doors and it seems to hold up O.K.
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