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Here's what I think really needs looking at:

Both Mark and I have been really interested in the effects tha changing out the conventional fluxes and stabilizers do to color.

Fluxes- get rid of sodium- it's just a junk material. replace it with other light metal from the first column- potassium ,lithium.
Then look long and hard at the stabilizers. Look away from calcium. Look to Strontium, zinc, any thing in the range that can stabilize glass using differing metallic materials. Look to barium. The color work lies in there for incredible variations. use them.

Blue Sulfur is a sex toy. It won't change American art work. If you wind up casting, these differing pursuits will change the world. No one has done it because it costs money.

You just can't do this stuff with cullet, or commercial batches like SP. It boxes you in before you start. Get a simple mixer. Think outside of the place you started but a few of us have suggested you pursue. You are the future.
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