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Today the Mobile Mini arrived and we began retrofitting it with ventilation, door, lights, shelves and. . . A mixer! Along with scales etc. So needless to say I知 very excited. Ive been mixing colorants with batch outside in buckets, with decent results but this is going to let me get scientific in my approach. Thanks for the words of encouragement Pete and Eric, Ive been blowing glass for 20 years and have been a bit stagnant the last few years, but this new world of making my own colors has been nothing short of thrilling. And now Ill have the facilities and a bit of financial backing to try some of the things Pete is suggesting.

I知 looking forward to making glass from scratch and can do small test melts with some different fluxes and formers. That痴 probably enough to keep me busy for the next couple decades. One of the things mentioned is that this sulfur boric acid acts as a flux and so I thought with some tweaking I might get it into a simple recipe.

Since Ive been making color I知 thinking and sketching more and more in terms of casting, so funny you should mention it. I love the idea of smooth gradual color shifts from ultra light to ultra dark or from one color to the next, simple but profound. I知 certainly not out to change the world, I just want to get closer to the magic, and the magic starts in the mixture.
But if I manage to pull a blue out of Sulfur I知 definitely naming it 鉄ex Toy Blue
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