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There was the day that I came in to see that someone had shot our vending machine. Though it Looked like it came from about a mile away judging by the trajectory.

Had a guy get a fan yanked out of the ceiling because he got a retractable cord caught in it, tried to blame me.

A relatively well known blower stiffing their bill because they said glass was cracking, I told them before they started their color of questionable compatibility, used it anyway. His assistant would use the block water to bathe himself.

Had a few just regular retail thefts. There was a hilarious one where this group of kids stole a ring, then came back to get the matching one after they thought they got away with it. They were actually interested in glass, so my boss conned one of them to sign up for the mailing list. The cops couldn't stop laughing when they were describing their interaction with the mother. Kid's ass was red that night.
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