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I think, in retrospect that the shows were really the worst contributor to intellectual theft. Chuck color aside. It was rearkable in the mid '80's to mid '90's to see work lifted wholesale from one booth to another.

The stores were happy participants. If they could get a badly made fraud, they took and promoted it. I think GAS was among the worst offenders in their annual auctions. They didn't have the pull that the Pilchuck auction did so they were major whores for wannabes.

That stuff was everywhere. I had my sharp beveled edge work lifted at one of the shows by a shop getting a piece in of mine for repair. It did not take long for stores to remark on how I had stolen the style.

Anyone remember the actual facts about OCR beginning to sell Kugler? Yesterday I heard from someone claiming they were an early distributor for Spruce Pine. That's pretty funny.

Now that Bomma is available , look at who's getting shut out.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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