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Bradley: awesome, you're ahead of me. It'll probably be a three weeks before I get to trying it. The notes I have so far in no particular order
1. the blue is due to elemental sulfur.
2. the blue appears in borates when Na2O is less than 26 mole-% (volf pg. 538) (I don't know if this is fundamentally different than 26% by weight maybe someone can help here and if so might be a sticking point).
3. There can be no zinc, cadmium, or other heavy metals with an affinity for sulfur because they will form compounds and eliminate the elemental sulfur
4. If B2O3 (boric oxide) is introduced to into a silica-containing glass it acts as a flux (Weyl pg. 33).
In terms of amount I have no idea, I was going to start with using the dissolved sulfur/borax mixture described in Weyls book (and quoted a few posts above) and use it for the borax in Vanderlann's clear recipe which I got from craftWEB:
63.25 silica
20.25 soda ash
9.06 Hydrated lime type N
2.18 Borax 5 mole
5.25 Potassium carb
100 grams antimony oxide
130 grams potassium nitrate.
I have no idea if this will work, but its where I was going to start.
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