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Thank you, I see your point. I'm struggling right now as a beginner mixer because I don't really know how much of what is in the batch we buy. I know the ingredients but not the amounts. Though I've blown glass for over 20 years I've never mixed my own clear from scratch and in fact have only been melting batch at all for two years (since the cullet crises). The issue is further complicated by the fact that there are no expansion values for colorants so knowing how to adjust a clear base to compensate for the colorants seems almost impossible without a lot of guessing and trial and error ( I realize there's a lot of trial and error even with the values, but at least they help one get started). Which Im happy to do but Im also running a public access hot shop and making my own work, so time to experiment is not as forthcoming as I would like. So I guess my first task is coming up with a formula for clear that would fit East Bay and have known quantities so that making adjustments to it gets a lot easier. So that's why I'm looking for clear recipes as starting points. I saw yours and thought it had most of what I was after in that it was a 96, had potassium, and no nitrates. Not having a better place to start I thought I would start there. I posted it because there's a lot I'm ignorant of and I'd like to learn and draw on the communities experience as much as possible. But I can accept that often the answer is "try it and find out".

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