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Originally Posted by Jordan Kube View Post
Don't forget, process plays an important role in color formation.
I've found I can get Dino like results with the process I described. Doesn't look exactly like his but I've never been able to touch these colors blowing. I would stay away from mercury. There's a reason nobody uses it.
Bingo by the way! This glass wants different temps to get a strike. Then it wants a range in the lehr. Rod always looks better than the result using rod. This is glass that wants wretched excess and I think that's true in almost any really good glass I can think of. If you want gold ruby, you need pounds, not a chunk of rod. Making spectacular artwork involves lack of consideration of the materials you use. In reality. Gold Ruby costs about a buck a pound if you make it. Silvers are substantially less. The bottom line is to believe and make the jump. More and more of you are indeed doing it and you will benefit.

Mercury in my mind, at 68 is worth the pursuit.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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