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Dan Vanantwerp
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Thanks for the color sample Brian. I like that spectrum! I'm getting some pretty similar results with a fresh pot of the same ingredients you listed. Your backlit example (right side) makes me wonder if I'm chasing a lighting trick with the reds.

However, the pic of the Josh Simpson platter I posted looks like a fairly candid shot taken on someones deck. Some of his work is photographed in a light controlled setting and makes me wonder if things are being a bit enhanced. The area I've highlighted looks like a brilliant orange-pink-red...just would really like to see that come out straight of my annealer someday.

Pete, I'm not suggesting anyone is holding out, but I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed either. When I read that this color likes to be thick I thought about color density...not anneal time. To me, thick=less blown. I've turned up my annealer as a single variable but can also adjust for a longer cool down. Thanks for talking slowly when it's obvious I'm not getting it.

Perhaps I can add something to the knowledge with my experiments with mercury in glass. It does scare me though...Dave and Rich's point is well taken. I've attached one of the very few things I've found relating to mercury as a glass pigment...seems alone to give a yellowish hue.
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