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Indeed, a pinch of erbium would clean it up... I'll look at the potential of tin to make a yellow but it might be more likely that the existing iron in that glass has flipped valences.

I seems to me that if you are trying to turn an inherently oxidizing glass , such as Cristalica into a reducing glass by overwhelming it with black tin, my question is, Are you trying to color this reduced clear? If you are, the discoloration doesn't matter. If you're trying to make some sort of free flowing clear that takes silvering well, you might consider just getting some SP87 color base. You have to mix it but it has no nitrates in it.

Jim can indeed mix both my clear oxidized and my non oxidized formulas.They fit each other just fine and should fit cristalica but be a bit lower. I can't say about fit with the formula you had handed to you under some table since I no longer work that stuff. I do have this concern that you think my stuff to be low melt material and that's a matter of interpretation. It was designed for Littleton to replace SP87 if the price of Lithium went out of control and that hasn't happened yet. It is high potash which lend itself to excellent coloring and polishing characteristics but potash also tends to make a glass more viscous. I'm quite pleased with it but I suspect stemware makers might not like it at all, unless they like polishing too.
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