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The numbers are a question for Max to verify, but from what I've seen I'd be hard pressed to believe that there's $1mil in glass at a GAS auction. Pilchuck is a different story, but from what I've heard even they've been down since the recession. The downturn may have waned somewhat, but a lot of money has shifted away from the arts when it comes to charitable contributions. Serving the under served is the new hot topic, it's easier for some to roll that into their programming.

Penland seems to do a good job keeping up the value at the main auction, even the session ones tend to do well. With the session auctions at Pilchuck it seemed like they got everyone too plastered to bid. Plus, that crowd was always younger.

I'll donate in the right instances, but it's usually small items that actually go over value for local or back home events. When you have the only shiny item around it's an advantage.
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