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So I had already mixed the 4% when your recommendation came in to start with the 2% and try that first. Which was a good recommendation indeed, I just skipped that step for now. So I melted about 50 lbs. of the 4% on Monday and gathered it up today. Made lots of cane, a test cup, and some small blown things. The color is even, I didn't see anything to indicate it didn't go into solution properly. And it does indeed look different under fluorescent vs. incandescent/LED light. In fact, it looked the BEST when I was reheating it in the glory. I wish it could look like that all the time. In the light from the flame in there, it looked like a light gold purple, just a gorgeous color.. But in my shop lights it was less dramatic of a color, but still what I'm familiar with seeing on others' Nd melts. It was definitely a light kind of coloration, even at 4%, so I'm not sure I'd want to drop it 50% unless I had to for fit (which remains to be seen). Or if that extra 2% indeed doesn't add anything extra for coloration density as you were questioning Pete, since the stuff is expensive, despite the good price I got from Dudley. I may try another melt with lower concentration, we'll see, I've just got a long-ish list of future melts, only one pot in there, and only a few more weeks that I'll have the gas furnace going. But we'll see.
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