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Originally Posted by Jordan Kube View Post
You should be fine. Sounds like a TC problem. Could be something lose or cracked anywhere from the thermocouple junction itself all the way back to the controller. If you are cold right now you can take the thermoucouple out of its sheath and inspect it.
For sure. Loose/broken wire or loose connecting screw. I'll check the main power connections at the same time. Repeated heating/cooling cycles has been known to loosen even really tight connections.

The only odd thing is the UUUU reading (beyond upper limit). Since this controller upper limit is set to 2400F (by me) and since it was not even 2100 when it did this, it suggests either a bad connection or controller failure. I say UUUU is odd because usually broken wire will read LLLL (no signal).

Worst case I have a spare controller of another brand that I can swap in and see what happens between 2000 and 2100.
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