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Or he might post to his thread and prompt me to repeat temp to 1000F @ 36 degrees/hr., hold at 1000F for 24 hrs. Raise to 1100F at 18 degrees/hr, hold at 1100 for 6 hours. Raise to 2050F (or whatever) at 36 degrees/hr.

I'm sure other schedules work, some better, some not so much. We've done this a number of times and never cracked a pot. The cost of the pot and the contribution to Pete's yacht payments doesn't bother me, the changeout is enough of a pain in the ass to make me want to avoid the opportunity.

When we're shutting down I just turned it down to 100F and watched it carefully, it went through the 1100-1000F range even slower than the 18 degrees/hr we ramped it up at. A week later it's still at 400-500 degrees.

And your shop looks absolutely beautiful. The next time I'm going through your area I'd love to stop and see it.
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