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John, I searched and found your post earlier this morning…if I could now just prompt a step-by-step, button-by-button Watlow EZ Zone programing cheat sheet from somebody, that’d be great!
The Watlow EZ Zone is probably a popular enough controller to warrant a place in the sticky archive section with just the necessary program info to start, ramp, batch and temp maintenance. (Pete)

I did figure out how to run the furnace at an unattainable temperature for five minutes and glaze the elements, and I believe I’ve set the temperature limit to a *WAG# of 2380f…but not too sure about all that either, I’ll need to refer to the 164 pg. whatlow manual again. (*WAG=wild ass guess)

You’re welcome anytime John.
I’m glad some of yooz guyz enjoyed the build….art is a process
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